Een uitleg en vakantie.

Toen ik aan deze blog begon, dacht ik dat ik alles makkelijker in het Engels kon typen.
Omdat ik mij vaak beter kan uiten in het Engels. Vooral op papier.
Maar, hier kom ik toch op terug. Ik laat de vorige berichten ook in het Engels, maar ga vanaf nu verder in het Nederlands.

Nu dit gezegd is, ga ik verder met het volgende onderwerp: vakantie.
Afgelopen week was het eindelijk zo ver: herfstvakantie! Wij zijn toen met zijn allen op vakantie gegaan naar Ierland.
Wauw, wat was dít een belevenis zeg. Een prachtig land, zeker aan te raden en dan heb ik niet eens alles nog gezien. Wij verbleven in Dublin en hebben daar de omgeving van gezien. Maar het land heeft nog veel meer te bieden dan dat.
Al jaren ben ik een gigantische fan van Disney. Ik hou van Disney film. Dus zoals het hoort bij iemand die van Disney houdt, moet je écht een keer in een Disneystore zijn geweest. Nu was dit ein-de-lijk zo ver! Een Disneystore in Dublin! Ik heb mijn ogen uitgekeken daar!!
Mij had het erg leuk geleken als ze daar een stolp verkopen met een roos erin, net zoals bij Beauty& the Beast.
Maar dit hadden ze niet. Daarnaast was ik op zoek naar een leuke outfit voor de kleine man of voor mijn bonus-kind. Maar dit hadden ze ook niet. Niet iets dat mijn interesse trok.
Ik heb wel een mok gekocht, van knabbel&babbel en een drinkbeker van Finding Dory. Deze heb ik aan mijn bonus-kind gegeven, omdat wij samen naar de film waren geweest en ik het wel leuk vond om hem wat te geven in deze vakantie.

Nu weer druk bezig met school, over 2 weken al de tentamens!!
Soms vraag ik me wel af of dit niveau niet té moeilijk voor me is. Soms twijfel ik gewoon aan mezelf.

First day of school!

Today was my first day of school.
I’ve been at home since the 16th of May, it was kind of boring at the end… I wanted to do something!!
Getting out of the house and be surrounded with people.

I was very nervous, but not as nervous as previous years if I would go to something new.
At the end of the day I had an headache, but I already expected that, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

We had an information gathering and we made groups. And every group got 1 euro. We had to buy something of that, and exchange it with people for something that is more worth than that what we had in our hands. We started with a little bag filled with 5 pens. We exchanged that for tobacco paper, that for 5 stamps from the Albert Heijn (supermarket), that for 1 bottle of AH smoothie, that for a bag of ‘goodmorning-cookies’ and that for a domino’s pizza margeritha! That was pretty amazing!
So we started with 1 euro and eventually got a pizza that was worth €5,95!

The people in my class are kind, as far as I have talked to them.
Tomorrow is the start of a ‘real’ day of school. Today we didn’t do very much, just getting to know each other and get information about the school!

Curious for what tomorrow brings…

It has been a while..

Sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a while now.
I have been busy with the little one, our little monkey.
He is almost 6 weeks old and he is doing great!!

I can’t complain about the way he behaves. He is a very satisfied boy! He eats very well and is very active when he’s awake, but in silence. Sometimes he makes some noises because he wants some attention or just be with you.
He is already lifting his head since he was about 10 days old.

And his brother is só sweet to him!! He helps a lot and really is a big boy now. Especially when it comes to the size of both of them. But he helps a lot. When we had diner, he helps to clear the table, strokes his brothers head and giving him (lots of) kisses, pushing the baby car and so on.

He made us (his father and me) a card, which said that he is very happy to be with the four of us and that he is very happy for me that I’ve become a mother! How sweet is that!!??
I told him lots of times that I know that I am not his mother, but that I do love him like one.

And now I have a kid of my own, I can say that for 100% sertaince, that I DO love him like he is my own, I love him just as much as I love his little brother.

The birth of our bundle of joy!

Yesterday at 11.29pm, our little bundle of joy has been born!!

At 8.30am my water broke, the contractions started, but didn’t get any heavier. My cervix had softened and I was dilated 3cm.
At 2.30pm the midwife broke my water centrally and that caused that my contractions came very fast and were very heavy.
At 3.10pm we drove off to the hospital and they put me on a monitor, to keep up track to my contractions and the baby’s heartbeat. Later I was dilated 4-5cm. So the epidural could be placed. It already was 5 o’clock when we went to the room to put in the epidural.
At 5.45pm we were back in the delivery room. The epidural wasn’t put in properly the first time, so they had to put in the needle AGAIN. This wasn’t very pleasant, it hurt, to be honest.

But after the epidural, I was feeling pretty great. I could even catch up on some sleep!! Around 10.30pm it was time for me to push. And at 11.29pm he was born! Our little bundle of joy…

It has been a while

I know, I know..
I haven’t posted anything for nearly 2 months!!
I have been busy lately. The estimated date of arrival is getting very close, so I have been busy with that, mostely inside my head. I just can’t think about subjects to write about, because I’m very busy inside my head. I do think a lot but not about things I can blog about.
Preparing for motherhood! It’s scaring me, it’s something I have always dreamed of..Something I have always wanted.
And now, now that time has come.
Will I be a great mom, will I be the mother I always have thought I would be. How will motherhood feel? What will he look like, will he look like his half-brother, or like his father? Or will he be a copy of me? Or maybe he will look like the both of us.
We’re just curious, we want to cudle him, nurture him, love him and stare at him. We want to tell everyone his name and show him to everybody!!

I’m just very busy with preparing myself for everything that’s coming. So the next time I will be posting something, will probably be also very late. Maybe I’ll be a mom, maybe I won’t..

HBO study day

Oh my gosh, where do I begin!?

I had an AMAZING time on that day!!
First we started with a college about ‘cultural psychology’, the teacher himself is a psychologist!!
The way he speaks, you just want to listen and listen and listen. When he stops talking, you just wonder ‘why!?’
Than we had a college about developmental psychology, and she talked about a part of it, adolescent brain.
I didn’t realy like the way she talked, but what she said was still very interesting!!

Than we had our lunch.
They made me a special plate: sandwich with chicken and one with cheese. There were also drinks ready, so you could grab that if you wanted one!
Than we had 2 trainings. One about how to make conversations. What kind of questions there are and how to use them in a conversation.
And the other training was about how to co-operate. What kind of person are you while working in a group. Are you a leader or are you someone who sits back and let everyone else decide?

I enjoyed myself during this day!!
I realy hope I can go to this school after the summer holidays, start something new. A new challenge.
Being a young mommy ánd college student!

I already got a internship for this education!! WHOOHOO!

Midwife and HBO

2 days ago we had an appointment at the midwife.
I gained (a total of) 10 kilo’s!! I realy hope it’s a healthy number and not that I am going to gain a lot more!
I would cry my eyes out if that was going to happen….
The next appointment is in 4 weeks.
I’m very curious of what my weight will be than.

Than the next part: HBO.
It’s not like the HBO you know, not the TV-channel. But in Holland that’s a term for a ‘Higher Professional education’.
I know I started on an other level, a lower one. But I’m pretty bored there. I want a challenge, not sitting there and don’t even let my brain function! I don’t do anything there. But if I do have to do something, I don’t want to…
I had such a big motivation to start this education! And that’s all gone…just by the way the school is treating me. How they ‘teach’, they don’t teach us anything… When I come home from school and we’re having dinner, my boyfriend asks me how my day has been, if I have learned something new….

Nine out of ten times, I can’t even answer the question!! No I haven’t learned anything…
Is this what I want? Another year and a half of sitting there, without a brain and nothing to learn!??

No, as I already said, I want a challenge! So I signed myself in for the HBO education ‘applied psychology’ it’s a new study, and yes, I did translate that literally.
On the 12th of april there will be a day that you can join the college they are giving, so you know what you will sign in for.
They also arrange the lunch! How great is that!? Going to school, LEARN SOMETHING and get food & drinks for free!!
I will give an update about that!

Land down under!

When I was in elementary School, I had a friend.
She was the one I loved spending time with, had a lot of fun with and also kept in contact with even though we went our seperate ways. Living our own lifes.

She has made a very cool decision, she went away to Australia, on the 22nd of March, to BACKPACK!
Oh my gosh, how cool is THAT!?!
I would love to do that one day. But my life is different. I’m going to be a mommy and I have a lovely stepson! So how can you leave than!?
But oh, I admire her só much! I would love to be in her shoes, to see the world. Get to know things of an other country.

Sometimes I dream about it. That I was the one who went away, to backpack around the world.
I would love to hire a camper and drive through America. I would also love to backpack through Australia, New-Sealand and Indonesia.
Maybe those things will happen one day. It’s not bad to dream about things.

Dream like you’re going to live forever.
Live like you’re going to die tomorrow.

We are feeling you

The 6th of March.
What a day to remember.
I have been feeling you since the 14th of February. Your daddy a few weeks later.
The first time your big brother has felt you, was on March the 6th.
You were kicking or you just had the hiccups, I don’t know for sure, but I told your daddy and big brother that you were awake.
So they placed their hands on my belly. And then you moved! You kicked or you just had the hiccups! I don’t know, but it was wonderful.
Your big brother got big eyes, his mouth was opened and he was like wow! Was that the baby? Was that my little brother that I just felt?

You’re getting bigger and bigger little one, your movements are getting stronger and more intense.
I love it when I’m feeling you.
Just to know you’re still there…That may sound a bit weird, because, how would I not know you’re there?
It’s just….sometimes it comforts me. When I’m having a difficult time or moment and then feel you kick, it cheers me up. It makes me happy.

I love you little one!

Midwife and pelvic floor physiotherapist

The 1st of March we had an appointment with the midwife.
It’s almost getting normal to have an appointment there!

My uterus has grown, 2 fingers wide above the belly button!
So that’s going wonderful. Everything is growing!
We’ve heard your little heartbeat again. That’s such a miracle to me!

Your big brother came along and your daddy also.
Your big brother has got a stepsister. She wanted to come along, to hear your heartbeat too.
To hear your heartbeat, is very special to me. You’re a little miracle, our little bundle of joy.
And that special moment, wasn’t there last time.

Everything is new to me, you’re my first child. I’m going to be a mommy for the very first time! So every little thing about you, is véry special to me. And I want to make a lot of those things special….
But it doesn’t always come out that way. Sometimes it isn’t special to me…even though I want it to be.

Pelvic floor physiotherapist.
My lower back has been hurting a while. So the midwife put me through with a physiotherapist. A therapist who is specialized in the pelvic floor area.
I’ve been there 3 times. The first time for an intake, second time to get some movements to do, to make everything smoother and the third time was just asking what she could do for me. And honestly? I didn’t knew anything that she could help me with.
The tips she gave me to do, to make everything smoother, helped. So, what could she do more?!
So we made an appointment, that if my back was hurting so much again, I would call them and come back.
I seriously hope, that I don’t have to do that anymore!